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Spiritual Healing in Bayswater, West London

Thank you for coming to my website, I hope you will find what you are looking for.

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Thank you for coming to my website and I hope you will find what you are looking for whether it's a Healer in West London, or you would just like to discuss whether this is the sort of healing that might suit you. If you are new to spiritual healing I can explain what it is all about and what happens in a healing session. Each session is an hour long and includes the time to discuss what you are seeking healing for.

I am an accredited Spiritual Healer having completed my training in 2010 at The College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, and started private healing shortly afterwards, I offer private sessions at Crista Galli Osteopaths in Bayswater.

Crista Galli Osteopaths have some lovely quiet therapy rooms and are fairly centrally placed in London.
Getting to Crista Galli is very easy as Royal Oak Underground is only 2 mins walk, details are on the booking page.
There is a cafe right next door and Kensington Gardens is a 12-minute walk away, where you could spend a peaceful moment in nature afterwards.

So what sort of healing do I offer and what do people seek healing for ?

As a spiritual healer I channel healing energy from the Divine Source through my heart to the client. The purpose of energy healing could be said to bring about a state of balance for the client both internally and externally working with the energy of the chakras and the auric field.
You may be experiencing physical pain, emotional or spiritual issues, feeling as if something is holding you back, perhaps a sense of overwhelm or stress.
I see you as an individual working on your current state to get a sense of clarity and freedom from what may be holding you back, without judgement. My aim is to give you a sense of empowerment.
It's all about flow and we look at any potential blockages on the emotional mental physical or spiritual levels. Healing progresses at the rate that is appropriate for you. You may experience a sense of feeling lighter, a renewed ease, more grounded or a new perspective of your life.

Healing is a complementary therapy and not a replacement for appropriate medical care and supervision. However it can be used in conjunction with medical care or any other therapies and has no known side effect.

Having a healing session at Heart Centred Healing is an individual experience tailored to your needs lasting an hour or more if needed, however the general format is a short period to discuss any issues and what you would like out of a healing session then the physical healing which lasts about 30 to 40 minutes then a short period at the end to discuss anything that may have come up during the healing. It is of course confidential and I adhere to a strict code of conduct.

To enquire about a session please do email me or take a look at the booking page

Who am I?

Having spent nearly 30 years making things with my hands, mainly furniture, a change was needed and after a series of events found myself at the College of Psychic Studies training to be a healer. Some people are intuitive healers and can channel the energy naturally, for me though, my way was to be taught, and now I am still working with my hands but as a Spritual Healer!
It was one of those moments when I felt that everything was falling into place, my deep interest in people, appreciating the sometimes difficult paths they find themselves on and how I could be of more service to more people.

Having finished the healing course at The College of Psychic Studies 12 years ago the learning didn't stop, attending workshops and courses, including psychic development and counselling, and new ways of healing. It is really a journey for all of us as we are all on our individual path.

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