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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

Clients seek healing for a number of different reasons, whether it be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. There may be a sense of just not feeling quite right, or unbalanced or a bit overwhelmed by things. Or something more specific, a particular emotional issue or a physical illness or pain. It's important to realise that healing is a complementary therapy and not a replacement for appropriate medical care and supervision.

What happens in a healing session?

There is time before the healing to discuss your situation. Then the healing session is carried out fully clothed on a couch or a chair whichever is more comfortable. Healing can be hands on with light touch or off the body, either way is just as effective. I usually employ a combination but would ask if touch is ok first. Each healing session would be tailored to the individual requirements of the client. I channel the universal healing energy through the heart to the client to bring about a sense of balance and equilibrium.

What might I feel?

You may feel heat near my hands during the session or subtle shifts in energy around your body, you may sense a shift in your emotional state, a tingling feeling or deep relaxation. Shifts in energy could be felt for some days afterwards as your body acclimatises to the rebalancing. You may not feel very much physically or it might just be a sense of feeling lighter. Everyone is individual so each person's experience of healing will be different and personal to them. There is no right or wrong feeling.

Is it religion based?

Although healing is sometimes called Spiritual healing, it is not religion based and anyone whatever their beliefs can seek healing.

How many sessions do I need?

Some people have one session and some a series over different time periods, it is really a personal thing and this can be discussed at any point.

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